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Caudwell International Children’s Centre


Caudwell Children


C4 Consulting


November 2018



Project Summary & Objective

The Caudwell International Children’s Centre (CICC) is the UK’s first independent, purpose-built centre dedicated to multidisciplinary services for the diagnosis, support and research of autism.

A project that has spanned over 10 years, the 60,000 sq. ft landmark building has two internal courtyards, an inclusive building design, a wild sensory garden and a stunning butterfly shaped roof to reflect the charity’s logo.

Tier Consult worked closely with Caudwell Children and C4 Consulting to deliver the structural design of the building to turn the charity’s dream into a reality.

Key Challenges

The Client’s project brief for the CICC required an inclusive design, a calming sensory experience and a variety of room shapes and types to accommodate the wide range of activities planned for the facility. As a result of the unique design concept, a regular column grid wasn’t possible for the structural design.

Furthermore, bulk and massing restrictions imposed by the planning authorities resulted in quite limited floor to floor heights, meaning that the structural zone was relatively modest limiting the depth of any transfer structures necessary to facilitate the irregular column layouts.
Tier also needed to incorporate the charity’s butterfly logo as the shape for the roof, which posed its own challenges for the team.


Tier’s solution was up to three levels of flat slab structures supported by an irregular array of vertical and raking columns, alongside minimal transfer structures so that headroom was not compromised.

To achieve the charity’s landmark roof, Tier established a zone below the roof finishes into which all the structural steel had to be fitted. The steel roof thus formed compromised a complicated mix of facetted, raking and curved elements fitted within the allotted zone to form the basic steel skeleton onto which the roof finishes could be applied.