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Wellesbourne (Stratford Upon Avon)


Griffen UK


Fletcher Rae Architects


August 2018

Project Summary & Objective

Unit 3 is a bespoke development provided on behalf of Amethyst (Tenant) by Griffin International (Landlord). It comprises of a 200,000 including 12,000 square foot of offices, square foot unit with a height to underside of haunch 15m. The primary structure is a 3-bay portal frame with an overall span of 75m.

Prior to construction the site had to be remediated including the breaking out and disposal of the substructure pertaining to the previous land use together with a Site Investigation and Contamination assessment.

Key Challenges

The programme for the construction in order to deliver the unit to enable immediate occupancy was paramount; hence Tier Consult and the successful Contractor A & H Ltd worked closely in order to achieve key sub-contract supply chain delivery dates.

A number of Category B Tenants changes were incorporated during the design process all of which had to be designed and implemented to ensure Tenant occupancy on the target date.


Programme constraints required the design of both the primary frame and the precast dock leveler system to be developed early to ensure procurement dates could be satisfied. The late introduction of the Tenants changes further complicated the procurement of the primary frame.

The incorporation of a 3 storey mezzanine was introduced by the Tenants during the construction stage and the primary frame and supporting foundations had to be assessed and revised to accommodate the loadings generated. Tier Consult reviewed the mezzanine design on behalf of the landlord to ensure structural compliance.